Oh no not another Linn posting....!

Supply and demand I suppose.

In reference to Gary's system problem and in particularly the Trampolin,
last night I had a little play again with the thing. I discovered that I'm
right out of LP12 feet, which isn't a good start. Anyway, as a first stab,
I machined some little PTFE feet that could be placed under the deck. And
then I could remove the Tramp's feet. 

Warren was round at the time, so there were 2 opinions on any changes. To
get straight to the point, I'm still a fan of the Trampolin. Without the
Tramp, the timing was less realistic. Drums were more like drum machines,
with subtleties being lost. With the Tramp, this all returned, with the
timing more lifelike, and sort of sexy - a real drummer (not that I'd
describe myself as sexy per se). 

But I think I can see the problem. When all this timing subtlety is there,
....how shall I put it.... , it's like things are slowing down and
speeding up on very short time scales - just like real musicians (and I'm
not talking wow and flutter here!).  Things can sound forced along, or
subdued, like a drummer holding the beat back - Sly and Robbie are
particularly good at this (and last night, Shiny Happy people displayed
this too quite noticeably). With all this going on, it must being putting
tremendous (musical) stress on the amp and speakers. If they aren't timing
equally as well then it's going to sound temporally muddled resulting in a
slow, dead performance. And I have to point to those damned output devices
in the Naim amps. Last time I heard the current Naim gear (3 or 4 months
ago - IBL system, SBL system and active DBLs) I felt the same thing.
Timing was cocked up. Even when an LP12 went on (with a Trampolin) the
timing wasn't right. This was very puzzling as I didn't have the same
problem at home. I suspect the Naim amps have a real hard time with the
Tramp, as has been suggested. I've managed to cure the problem by tweaking
the amps (Pete you still have the 140!! - when are you going to build a
250!). Without the Tramp, that degree of timing is lost in my opinion,
with everything being more... well equally spaced... more CD-like. 

Warren's initial impression seemed to bare this out - when we first went
to the Tramp-less configuration, my initial comments were that it made it
sound more like an Axis, or Xerxes. He said he liked it... that it was
more like what he had at home. A couple more changes back and forth, and I
think the penny dropped. With the Tramp it was less like a scaled-up
tranny radio, and more like real musicians. (Comments Warren?)

Now, don't get the impression that we are talking changing things hugely,
or ruining the deck etc. It's still an LP12, with 95% of the things we
like about it. Perhaps it's just that, being a drummer myself, I'm a
stickler for wanting my hifi to sound like a real drummer playing. It
astounds me how (at shows etc) I've heard people saying `how good the
timing is' when some crappy CD based system is making a complete balls-up
of it. Don't these guys know what a real drummer sounds like? (as an
aside, a similar thing can be said about cymbals. The splashy ppssss sound
that ALL cd players I have heard exhibit is NOT what a real cymbal sounds
like. Vinyl does a cymbal so much better I find. It's the single biggest
thing that pisses me off about CD players these days, in that some of them
are pretty good overall, but they destroy drummers! Drummers have a bad
enough time with drum machines without having CD players turning John
Bonham into a talentless smeghead........ oh dear, blood pressure seems to
have risen to dangerous levels). 

Anyway..... I like the Trampolin, but acknowledge it may not suit all
equipment. So if you using the Naims, I'd exchange the Tramp base for the
standard base, and see how it goes. If you don't believe me about the Naim
amps timing, keep it mind and compare them to the Kairn/Klout - as I said
before, whatever else they do, they DO time wonderfully.