Neil's Secondhand Naim Buyers Guide



This moving magnet only integrated was pretty low powered (around 15 to 20 W per channel) but unless pushed too hard, did sound bigger. Second hand price of old Nait around 125 pounds.

Nait 2

More refined version of the old Nait. Moving magnet only. Still gave about 20w per channel. I think the power rail was split in 2 parts as in the 140 power amp. Second hand price of new style Nait 2 around 300 pounds.

Nait 3

This is in the same sort of box as the modern 92 preamp (ie, full width box). The amp isn't too far off being a 62 preamp and a 90 power amp in one box and so offers a bit more power than the older Naits. Can also take moving coil cartridges. I would guess a secondhand price would be in the realms of 350 pounds.