Neil's Secondhand Naim Buyers Guide


Second hand Naim gear almost never breaks down and is very reasonably priced. The bargain of the second hand world has got to be the 42/110 which you can often get for around 300 pounds. Beats the pants off a 300 quid integrated, and of course allows an upgrade of power supply in the future too. A more modern buy, with extra inputs and a better all round performance would be a 62/140 at around 500 pounds.

The tweaking potential of Naim preamps is formidable. Building your own power supplies, or tweaking secondhand preamps offers extremely high performance relatively cheaply. If buying a preamp which you think you will want to mod (ie, multichannel regulators etc) then go for the 42 or 62 incarnations. Having most of the components on the mother board leaves plenty of room to mount regulators inside the box. The 32 and 72 type preamps don't have a great deal of room inside them to play with, although you can mount little LM317LZ regulators actually on each slot-in board which is nice.

I also feel old 250 power amps are a bit of a bargain too. You can get Naim to give them a full service, and replace power supply caps etc, such that you end up with a very good power amp relatively cheaply.

Very old Naxos are good value if you intend to replace components and tweak them etc. Often they will only be a few tens of pounds.